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Are you looking for a Cowoking in Palma de Mallorca? You have come to the right place. Moasis Cowork is not just a coworking, it is a business center where the community and business experience will take you and your company one step further.

Companies that Trust Us

Here we present some of the companies that trust our Coworking in Mallorca, click on each logo to discover more about each one of them.

Virtual Tour of the Coworking in Palma

Take a tour of our coworking in Palma and discover all the spaces we have to offer you, just scroll through the different corners with the arrows and learn more about our business center.

Why Us?

We are experts in the different sectors and types of business models, with more than 30 years of experience in the business sector, therefore, we can affirm that Moasis is the ideal connector for all of them. A space in which to develop different activities and create synergies that will lead you to a sure business success. Growing in company is much easier.

We work for you under the promise that the power of the community will help you in your personal and professional development. Because we trust that the fact of inhabiting a space developed and designed solely for this function will help you order and project the relationships and synergies between the different members that are already part of it.

Personal and Business Growth

We are the connector of the different sectors and types of business models, we firmly believe that being part of Moasis is a safe bet for personal and business growth.

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Generate Relationships

With us you will find other professionals with whom to share and grow together.

Find your Space

We have the space that best suits you, your needs and your company.

Acquire Knowledge

Develop yourself with face-to-face training from professionals with recognized prestige.

Reach your Goals

Through our business experience we have generated a place where your goals are achievable.

Increase your Productivity

Every corner within the coworking is designed so that your productivity increases and your well-being improves.

Take a Brake

Pause moments are essential, therefore, we have spaces that adapt to each moment.

Moasis Cowork, much more than a coworking in Palma

In our workspace we help you achieve all your business objectives, establish relationships with other professionals and consolidate your sphere of contacts to improve your performance and visibility in the market.

We understand the coworking space as a promoter of innovation and flagship of work spaces for those business professionals who seek to be part of a united community, a "club", in which day by day and project by project, a community of successful businessmen is created.

Do you want to boost your business and develop professionally with us?

Genius Course

The Genius Course is an online course company that offers a personalized study method for both face-to-face university students and those who opt for online learning. Its creator, Giacomo Navone, is one of the most prominent strategic learning experts in Europe and was the one who created the first RoBot that helps students with personalized advice, putting it at the service of everyone for free.

The company, which arrived in Spain in 2013 and has been growing exponentially, worked in our first-class facilities to generate synergy and contribute and receive ideas of all kinds. In Mallorca, its representative Giulia Barci has chosen Moais Cowork to provide her training.


NTT DATA Corporation is a Japanese multinational technology consulting and services company that will soon have 140,000 employees worldwide and businesses in more than 80 countries. Through strategic consulting services and cutting-edge technologies, this company develops experiences that transform organizations, revolutionize industries, and shape a better society for all.

In March 2024, Tangity, part of the NTT Data company, was installed in the Spanish market to simplify the work of marketing directors so that they can develop and grow brands in a simple and effective way. This company chose Moasis to begin to settle and expand, not only in Spain, but also throughout Europe.

OVB Allfinanz

OVB Allfinanz is a finance consultancy with more than half a century of experience in Europe and whose main activities are advice, financial planning and supporting individuals in their financial life. It is currently present in 16 countries and is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

This company expanded so much that in 2002 OVB Spain was founded, with corporate headquarters in Madrid. OVB Mallorca decided to work in our coworking space to enrich the company through networking and collaboration between professionals.


BNI is a global business networking organization that helps SME owners grow their businesses by exchanging qualified referrals. BNI exceeds 10,000 groups with more than 100,000 members in almost 80 countries.

In the last 12 months, Business Network International has managed to generate 13.1 million quality referrals for its members, generating business worth US$ 20.6 billion. This organization founded in 1985 has members who carry out their activities in Moasis, taking advantage of the variety of professionals that our cowork houses to generate more business opportunities and growth.

Epi Use Labs

EPI-USE Labs is a global software solutions company, whose products and services enable organizations to accelerate the performance of their SAP and SAP SuccessFactors systems. EPI-USE is the world's largest independent country SAP payroll provider for regions where SAP does not offer a standard payroll solution and has recently received the SAP Innovation Award for exceptional contributions to the SAP ecosystem.

Since its founding more than 30 years ago until today, the heart and culture of the company is to drive value through innovation. This is precisely why they choose our workspace, since Moasis offers an environment of collaboration, innovation and creativity that every company needs.

Le Collectionist

Le Collectionist is a vacation rental agency that brings together the most emblematic houses from around the world, those that steal your heart when you see them and that, for the most part, are available exclusively in their collection. This company was born in 2013 and after ten years it is a reference in one of the most competitive fields that exist in Europe, that of vacation accommodation rentals.

Currently, Le Collectionist has more than 200 permanent employees and exceeds 500 in the summer. This business, which reached between 130 and 140 million euros of Gross Reserve Value in 2023 and has eight offices in Europe, decided to join Moasis Cowork to generate new business opportunities, incorporate new ideas and be able to grow even more.

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