8 reasons to work at Moasis Cowork, your coworking in Palma

Descubre las 5 ventajas de trabajar en un coworking

Do you live in Palma or are you planning to travel to Mallorca and need a coworking space? These are the 8 reasons to choose Moasis Cowork. Keep on reading.

Coworking or co-working with script, a place where professionals and even companies come together and share the space and resources to work daily.

Coworkings are the ideal space for autonomous workers, small companies and even freelancers where they can grow their professional development at a much lower cost than in their own office.

If you are interested in coworking spaces, but you are not quite sure whether to opt for them or not… here are several reasons to convince you that they are a great workspace and Moasis Cowork is the coolest in town.

There we go.

1.It inspires and motivates you to work daily. Working in a coworking is to work with extra inspiration every day. It creates a work routine, because contrary to the coffee shop you used to go to or your own home, you know that when you arrive you will meet with more professionals and that they all come with the same purpose, to work as you do.

2.Net-wor-king. This coworking creates community and encourages interaction with other coworkers who frequent the space… and thanks to it, there is an exchange of ideas, knowledge, advice… By being surrounded by professionals who have different profiles and from many different fields, you will find a wide variety of opinions. Synergies are often generated with other professionals to carry out specific projects.

3.Reduce costs. If you are a business owner or entrepreneur, you already know that the expenses of an office are not precisely low… A coworking space is always more affordable and, in addition, it allows you to rent your workplace according to the needs you have… Forget about paying rent, electricity, cleaning, connection costs, and so on. This is all included in the fee.

4.It fosters cooperation. You belong to a community, you relate to it. It is very usual that agreements are created between coworkers, in the same sector and in different areas of activity. You never know, anything can happen in a coworking space.

5.Pleasant working environment. You will be able to live a more relaxed professional life where rumors and bad vibes are not part of the coworking space, nobody worries about gossip and the atmosphere is very comfortable.

6.There is no office with as much flexibility as a Coworking space. Do you have to leave for a moment?  Do you want to go home earlier? Do not feel like going back to the office? No one is going to stare badly at you, you have total freedom and flexibility to work the hours you need and even not to go if one day you do not want to or you work from home.

7. Administration will no longer be your business, it will be taken care of by third parties. The toner, the printer, the worries about its maintenance, the cleaning… are matters for the coworking team, you can forget about everything, you will only have to take responsibility for your own work.

8.Why not, if you work in a Coworking space you can enjoy a desirable morning coffee, breaks whenever you want, even with other coworkers, only if you feel like it beacuse in the end, you are not accountable to anyone.

As you have already seen, coworking is a proper alternative to the office or home-based work, more dynamic and professional. It has advantages that you do not enjoy working from home or in your own office. If you are looking for a Coworking space where you can work in a relaxed, pleasant and positive environment, write to us.

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