About us

About us

Moasis Cowork is much more than a coworking in Palma,

it is a place to go to work. We are your business community.

In our coworking space we help you achieve all your business aims, establish relationships with other professionals and consolidate your sphere of contacts to improve your performance and visibility in the market.

We understand coworking space as a driver of innovation and flagship workspace for business professionals seeking to be part of a united community, a “club”, where day by day and project by project, a community of successful entrepreneurs is organically built.

Our leitmotiv is personal relationships

Our work proposal is a space that will help you work better and make you reach your professional goals in the best way.

To be involved in Moasis is to be part of a business CLUB. A way of doing, understanding and sharing.

At Moasis cowork we believe that the best way to increase your turnover and your visibility is by building personal relationships with other professionals in your circle of contacts, whether or not they are in your field. And we don’t say so ourselves, our 30 years of business experience in different business sectors guarantee it.

We are the bridge between different sectors and typologies of business models, we firmly believe that being part of Moasis is a safe bet for personal and business growth and we trust in a different way of doing things.

Moasis aims to contribute to the welfare of society through the generation of collaborative spaces that allow you to grow and transform your business. We are a way to link you to a business and professional network with the commitment to connect you with a variety of professionals and help you generate new ideas and business opportunities as a result.

We are a space created and designed exclusively for the purpose of creating a collaborative workspace based on relationships and synergies to help you grow in a simpler way.

We are your collaborative space, we firmly believe that networking relationships are the perfect formula to achieve success.


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