Why Moasis

Why Moasis

Being part of Moasis Cowork is synonymous with being a member of a


It is synonymous with success, because we certainly know that the foundation of business is the interpersonal relationships. At Moasis we are sure of this, as we have learnt in our more than 30 years of business experience.


We are experts in different fields and typologies of business models, which is why we can state that Moasis is the ideal hub for all of them. A space where you can perform different activities and create synergies that will lead you to a certain business success. Growing in a community is much easier.


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We work for you under the promise that the power of community will help you in your personal and professional development. Because we trust that the fact of dwelling in a space developed and designed exclusively for this function will help you to structure and promote the relationships and synergies between the different members that are already part of it.


Happiness and professional success are not a utopia



you seek to contribute to the welfare of society through the development of your own business, hand in hand with a collaborative space that is committed to helping you connect with other professionals and create new partnerships and business opportunities.


you are an entrepreneur, innovative and eager to grow in your professional area. It is your place if you believe that the development of your business and your professional success are linked to the power of interpersonal relationships and teamwork.


you are looking for a modern and genuine space in which to grow professionally. A unique place on the island to work in a laid back way in a digitalised, innovative and fully professional environment. An exclusive and distinctive collaborative space.

We are your coworking space if you believe that the power of community and business know-how is the road to success.

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