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At Moasis Cowork our services go beyond providing you with an exclusive business space. We invite you to work in a professional, dynamic and collaborative environment. Our aim is to make you feel comfortable, like at home, and, especially, with wonderful relationships. That’s why our coworking in Palma is much more than just a workspace.

Our coworking gives you the chance to develop in an innovative, digitalised and fully professional environment. A unique place, at the heart of successful businesses, dedicated to all those entrepreneurs and professionals who are committed to the power of the community for an optimal personal development.

Moasis Cowork gives you different options to ensure that the development of your business will lead you to full professional and personal success.

Your areas:

Your flex space

Your flexible space by days

For a timely venue, opt for our flexible space. All you have to do is choose the day that suits you best and book your own space to work on your business in the best possible way.

Your permanent space in a common area

A space exclusively for you

If what you need is your private workspace, this is your safe bet. A personal office where you can work comfortably. You will have your own desk where you can work on your projects from the beginning to the end.

Your individual room
(1 or 2 people)

Your private space just for you

If you have several employees or partners in your company, individual offices are the best choice. Moasis Cowork offers you offices with a capacity of 1 or 2 people. Working with the whole staff has never been so simple.

Your event venue for up to 100 people

Do you need to hold an event?

We have a space with a capacity of up to 100 people to offer you the best experience when hosting corporate events. Modern, unique and innovative areas to celebrate events that will leave no one indifferent.

Your training room

Are you going to teach a workshop? The only thing you have to worry about is your training.

At Moasis Cowork we have an enabled space to organise trainings with a totally professional atmosphere. Equipped with everything you need to share your knowledge and run the best workshops and training courses.

Your recording studio

Lights, camera and action!

Filming has never been easier. Our recording studio is equipped with everything you need to ensure your videos and recordings go beyond expectations.

Your fitness room

If you need to disconnect, don’t hesitate

We have a fully equipped fitness room so you can disconnect and train whenever you feel like it. It’s not all about work, is it?

Your cafe-CLUB,
Moasis CLUB

For more pleasant meetings

Sometimes a coffee break is all you need. At Moasis we have a relaxed space where you can chill out and disconnect for a while or where you can meet with your clients in a more enjoyable way.


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