What is Coworking and How does it Work?

En este artículo conoce qué es coworking y cómo funciona, no te pierdas la nueva forma de trabajar

The union of the words “collaborative” and “working” gives rise to the term coworking, which refers to a collaborative work space shared by several companies and professionals.

In Spain this modality is nothing new, but it is true that it has had a boom in recent years. Because more jobs can currently be done remotely, with only a computer and a good Internet connection, these coworking spaces are increasingly in demand around the world.

Ideal for companies, SMEs, entrepreneurs, freelancers and independent professionals, a coworking is a space for collaboration and growth, part of the sharing economy trend.

With different work areas, relaxation spaces, events and other shared services, a coworking is a bet that escapes the traditional concept of an office. It is a flexible workspace that adapts to the changing needs of today’s professionals and companies and offers many advantages.

What is a coworking?

Coworking is a consequence of the changes in the world of work in recent years, which were further enhanced with the arrival of the pandemic.

With the emergence of new work modalities, businesses and SMEs, new needs arose in the office market. These small companies or independent professionals do not have the same requirements as large corporations and coworking is presented as a perfect alternative.

A coworking is a space that combines all the services of a traditional office with the advantages of a flexible, dynamic space that encourages collaboration.

Advantages of working in a coworking

For both professionals and companies, the advantages of working in a coworking are many. It is a space with all the comforts, but without the great cost of a traditional office.

One of the main advantages of a coworking in Palma de Mallorca is the speed with which you can establish your office. In a coworking you have everything you need to work from the first moment. Forget about spending months looking for the ideal office or buying each piece of furniture.

Another of the great benefits, and surely why many companies choose to work in a coworking, is the low cost. Working in a coworking represents a much lower cost than renting, maintaining and equipping an office. If you have a small team, this will be more profitable for you and you will be able to benefit from other invaluable things such as the professional connections that you can generate in this workspace.

Flexibility is another of the great advantages of working in a coworking and is one of the most important pillars of the remote work that many people do in these spaces. Having a monthly fee adapted to your needs, the possibility of renting meeting rooms and being able to work on your own schedules is the most valued.

And of course, we cannot forget the great networking possibilities in these work spaces. Connecting with professionals and companies that help your brand is one of the most difficult things in the job market.

In a coworking, you meet these professionals or companies in the hallways, at the coffee machine or in the relaxation spaces and you can establish a valuable business network that will accompany you in the growth of your company.

How does a coworking work?

A coworking is a workspace for which you pay a fixed fee per month that gives you access to its facilities and different services (We recommend reading about the services that a coworking offers). Generally, installments are offered with different prices, to adapt to the needs and possibilities of each professional or company.

In most coworking spaces there are 2 types of hiring: fixed table or flexible table. If you hire a fixed table rate you will have a very similar experience to a traditional office, with your fixed and assigned workspace. On the other hand, with the flexible table rate you can use any free workspace.

If you have a company and want to hire a coworking space for your team, more private spaces are usually assigned with special rates. A great alternative to shared offices in Palma de Mallorca, so you get more services and benefits.

Your monthly fee also includes different services such as a cafeteria or printing. Other spaces such as meeting or event rooms are usually rented at an extra cost. And many coworking spaces also organize special events for their clients, which encourages networking and professional opportunities, another reason to work in a coworking space.

What to look for when choosing a coworking?

Not all coworkings are the same. Although they all follow the same spirit, each one is differentiated by its services, cost and culture. If you want to find the perfect coworking in Palma de Mallorca for you, these are the main pillars that you should take into account:

  • Location
  • Services
  • Fee value
  • Culture (events, workshops…)
  • Spaces available

One of the most important characteristics of a coworking in Palma de Mallorca is the location. Maybe you need a space downtown to meet with potential clients or suppliers, or maybe you just want to find a coworking space that you can reach by bike. Choosing the perfect location will depend on the needs of your company or profession.

Another of the most important characteristics are the aspects that you have to take into account when looking for a coworking. Comfortable work tables and chairs, high-speed Wi-Fi, and break rooms are the foundations of any workspace, but you may need more. Meeting rooms, cafeteria, printing service, reception, gym or parking are some of the services that can make your work day much more comfortable and productive.

And without a doubt, the value of the fee is something very important to consider when choosing a workspace for yourself. It is a recurring expense that must adapt to your budget and financial possibilities. Fortunately, the value of a coworking fee is fixed, so you don’t have to worry about increases in services or other unexpected expenses.

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