Office Rental in Palma de Mallorca

El alquiler de oficinas en Palma de Mallorca no es una tarea fácil, pero aquí te la explicamos

Do you need an office for your business? Renting an office is an important step in the life of any company. It’s about finding a “home” that allows your business to grow without limits. And although it is an exciting step, office rental in Palma de Mallorca or any other city is not an easy task. There are many economic, legal and personal factors of each company that go into the choice.

To make this task a little easier, in this article we have compiled what you should know during the rental process and what the best options are depending on your profession or company. Find out below how to choose the best office for your business!

What to look for when renting an office in Palma de Mallorca?

If you are thinking about renting an office or shared office in Palma de Mallorca, it is probably because you have realized that your company needs space to develop and grow.

Finding the ideal office may take time, but it is a place that will accompany your company in the medium and long term and that must meet all your requirements.

To make this process easier, below we tell you what are the things you should take into account before embarking on renting offices in Palma de Mallorca.

1. Define the needs of your company

    One of the first things to take into account when renting an office: the needs of your company.

    How many jobs do you need? Do you want to have a meeting room? Do you also need a deposit? What is your ideal location?

    Only you will know the specific needs of your company and which spaces adapt perfectly to them. Based on these needs, you will be able to determine what characteristics you should look for.

    2. What budget do you have?

      Before looking for an office in Palma de Mallorca for your business, it is necessary to define a budget. Not only the amount of money you will dedicate month to month to this space, but also all the initial expenses that come with renting it.

      Rent, services and community expenses are the basic costs that you should take into account in your company’s budget, but there are also other expenses associated with renting your own workspace such as:

      • Rental deposit
      • Contract expenses
      • Real estate commission
      • Necessary reforms or repairs
      • Purchase of furniture
      • Moving services

      Embarking on an office rental or office rental in Palma de Mallorca is a big step, both logistically and economically, and you must ensure that your company has the necessary liquidity to face all these expenses.

      3. Rate the building services

        Elevators, concierge service, parking, cleaning… There are very varied services that buildings can include. And while these services often influence the rental price, they may be beneficial for your company. Define which services are essential for your business to take them into account when searching for the perfect office for your business.

        4. Check the legal aspect of the rental

          Unfortunately, renting an office in Palma de Mallorca is not as simple as renting a home. In many cases, a special permit issued by the City Council is required to carry out a professional or commercial activity. Before signing a contract, you must verify that the office for rent has all the necessary permits so that you can carry out your activity normally.

          5. Where to look for your next office?

            You already know what to take into account when renting an office, now is the time to find the perfect place. But where to find it?

            When renting offices in Palma de Mallorca you have 3 options: surf different portals, work with real estate agencies or look for street signs. In any case, you must consider that this process takes time and that finding the perfect office is not easy.

            As a positive point, in Palma there is a huge offer of offices for rent, shared offices or coworkings to find the next home for your company.

            The best locations to rent an office in Palma

            Without a doubt, location is one of the most important characteristics when renting offices in Palma de Mallorca. Especially if you will receive clients, collaborators, suppliers or investors, the location says a lot about your company.

            And what are the best areas of Palma to rent an office?

            It is clear that the perfect area for your office will depend on your business area and specific needs. Although many companies prefer an office in the center, due to its connection to different means of transportation and the status it provides.

            The Old Town of course is one of the most popular areas and is the perfect place for public-facing companies or companies that want to establish themselves in the best place on the island. But this location has a price and office rental prices in Palma de Mallorca in this area are not cheap.

            Las Avenidas, Son Oliva and Es Forti are also highly sought after areas due to their proximity to the capital and the presence of larger and more comfortable offices. And for companies looking for much more space, Sa Indiotería – Son Castelló is the best alternative.

            Moasis Cowork, your coworking with rental offices in Palma de Mallorca

            Having your own office is a big step that many companies are afraid to take due to the great expense of time and money it entails. Fortunately, office rentals in Palma de Mallorca have diversified in recent years and today we can find many more alternatives such as shared offices or coworkings.

            A coworking workspace in Palma is an alternative increasingly chosen by companies, SMEs, startups or professionals looking for a complete workspace, without too much investment. Hiring a coworking space represents a lower month-to-month cost for a company and provides more flexibility than traditional office rentals in Palma de Mallorca.

            If you are looking for a quiet office, with a wide range of services and with possibilities for professional collaboration, then spaces like Moasis Cowork, your coworking in Palma de Mallorca, can be a great option. Do you want to have an office in the center of Palma with all comfort? Contact us and we will tell you why Moasis Cowork will be the perfect home for your company.

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