What is the Community Builder in Coworking?

El Community Builder es una figura clave en los coworkings, su trabajo ayuda a agilizar y dinamizar una comunidad. ¿Quieres saber más?

With the technological advances of recent years, new figures have appeared. This is the case of the Community Builder, a key person within collaborative spaces.

Have you ever heard this term? If the answer is no, don’t worry because today we bring you a post full of everything you need to know about Community Builders.

Here we go!

What is a Community Builder?

When we talk about this figure we are referring to key people in collaborative spaces. They are the difference between a collaborative space and a simple coworking space.

This is the professional who is in charge of motivating and connecting the members of a coworking space in order to accelerate the creation of relationships between them.


The Community Builder performs several tasks for this, but among them are providing support, motivating and acting as a coach, monitor or guide and offering “personalized support” to coworkers to help them connect with other members of the collaborative space in a better way.

Well, later we will specify the tasks of a Community Manager, but first let’s talk about the characteristics that this profile has.

Characteristics of Community Builders

Not everyone has the skills and abilities to become a Community Builder. Among its characteristics we can point out the following:

  • They are creative but analytical. They always have in sight those ideas or projects that could be a success, without having their heads in the clouds. Quite the opposite, being analytical they carefully study any decision.
  • They are born strategists. An original or good idea is not enough. It is necessary to create strategies and plans to be able to achieve it successfully. Community Builders are experts at creating strategies that benefit the entire community.
  • They are empathetic, communicative and practice active listening. A community manager must learn to connect with people and listen to them in order to help them with what they really need.
  • They stay updated. They are always on the hunt for innovation and new developments on the market. They don’t miss a single one. This is essential to be able to connect with the members of the coworking space in which they operate.
  • They identify with the values ​​and philosophy of the company. It is important that the members of a collaborative workspace identify with the company’s philosophy and feel it as their own in order to work in harmony.

What is the job of Community Builders?

Would you like to know the functions or tasks of a Community Builder?

The Community Builder has become an essential figure for many coworking companies. Thanks to their work they can streamline and energize a community, they are like the ambassadors of a coworking space.

Let’s see what his job really is!

Get to know the members of the space and create profiles. This involves investigating the people you collaborate with in a coworking: what they do, tools they use, languages ​​they speak, their work style, their company philosophy…

Connect with members and build relationships among the coworker community. We could say that it is one of the greatest responsibilities of a CB. You must get the different members to know each other and collaborate with each other so that both parties benefit from it.

Support and motivate your community through events, activities, meetings, events… that allows you to improve and strengthen your relationships with each other.

Constantly look for sponsors, partners or new alliances with the aim of adding value to your coworking space.

Of course, they also have other more specific daily tasks such as member subscriptions and registrations, communication with coworkers or members, giving tours of the facilities to interested parties or managing the coworking space with suppliers (paper, ink, coffee…).

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