The Needs of the Coworker in a Coworking Space

Los espacios de coworking deben de cubrir todas las necesidades básicas del coworker, pero ¿qué necesidades buscan cubrir?

What are the needs of the coworker that a coworking must cover to be the best? What do coworkers look for when deciding which coworking space is ideal for them?… If these doubts are on your mind you are in the perfect place.

Coworking spaces have evolved a lot since their emergence. In Spain they began to emerge with the economic crisis of 2008, but little remains of these coworkings today.

And we say this because during these years coworking spaces have evolved and are no longer what they were, especially since we were involved in Covid-19.

Coworking spaces must cover all the basic needs of the coworker, but what are they?

Central offices in Palma that are easy to reach

Having centrally located offices is the key for most coworkers. They are looking for an office in which to receive their clients that is accessible. A place to meet them without any problem. It must be easy to locate and get to and what better place than the center of a city perfectly interconnected by public transport.

Moasis Cowork is your ideal office if what you value most is a central location, since we are in the heart of Palma, in Plaza España.

A good WiFi connection

A good, fast and efficient Internet connection is essential in any office to be able to work comfortably. But not only for that. It is important to contact an efficient connection to streamline work, make presentations with clients, video conferences…

Office equipment and a place to safely leave your things

Did you know that the interior design of offices has a direct impact on our performance? This is why it is vitally important that your workspace is bright, ventilated and decorated in a simple but inspiring way.

Office furniture must be comfortable and appropriate for our type of work: closets to store our things, comfortable chairs to spend several hours in, a professional environment… In addition, have an area in which to deposit your things safely.

A place where you can disconnect and escape for a moment, a Moasis in the city

We all like to disconnect for a moment from the work routine. Clearing our mind and escaping for a moment from our daily tasks is very positive to avoid becoming saturated.

Spaces such as shared leisure rooms or cafes in which to meet people, talk or simply rest are a must in terms of necessity for coworkers.

Have you already seen the Moasis Cowork café-CLUB space? It is the ideal place to rest and connect with other coworkers in a more relaxed environment. The ideal place to break the ice.

Spaces and rooms adapted for all meetings and events

Recording studios, meeting rooms adapted and equipped with everything necessary to work efficiently, training rooms, spaces for events, individual offices… All this and more is essential to turn a coworking space into the ideal space for any coworker. .

Fitness room

And why not? When we work we often don’t even realize how quickly time passes, we may not even have enough time to go to the gym.

A fitness room is one of the latest claims when it comes to coworking spaces. Members can go to it without having to go anywhere.

Moasis Cowork, a place where all the needs of the Coworker are met

At Moasis Cowork, our coworking in Majorca, our services go beyond offering you an exclusive company space. We suggest you work in a professional, dynamic and collaborative environment equipped with everything you need to make your day much easier.

What are you waiting for? Come visit us now and enjoy a day in our facilities and get to know your new coworking space in Palma.

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