Where will the future of coworking in Palma advance?

Los espacios de coworking están cambiando, pero ¿Hacia dónde avanzará el futuro del coworking en Palma? ¡Haz clic y descúbrelo!

Coworking spaces are not something new as many think. In Spain, the first ones emerged in 2008, coinciding with the financial crisis of that same year and have become an option for almost any professional due to the benefits that coworking offers. In recent months in Palma, coworking has been strengthened, dazzling the exciting future of coworking.

They have changed a lot but since then they are no longer what they were… But for the better of course.

Did you know that by 2025 there are expected to be 26,000 coworking spaces around the world?

The pandemic has favored the creation of coworking centers but has also caused these collaborative work spaces to reformulate their patterns.

But what will the future of coworking look like? Let’s look at the main trends we can expect for the future. We tell you that it will be a matter of reinventing yourself or dying.

Main trends in coworkings of the future

1. More flexible contracts

The Covid-19 health crisis has generated economic instability and uncertainty in all sectors. No one can predict the resurgences that will occur in the future. That is why what will be sought most is the flexibility of contracts. Companies will not want to sign long-term contracts, nor with strict permanence and exorbitant deposits.

2. Reconfiguration of spaces

In the future, the safety of workers will take precedence above all else. The distance between coworkers, private rooms with lower capacity… Open-plan industrial rooms crowded with work tables are a thing of the past.

3. Increase in demand for private offices

Some coworking spaces already have private offices. The current situation enhances this trend.

4. We say goodbye to mass events

Events, workshops, workshops… take a backseat. In the future of coworkings, what is taking place are webinars and online events, which are much more comfortable for the majority. The virtual world is imposed, especially with the arrival of the health crisis.

5. New hygiene and safety measures

Ensuring a safe workspace for everyone will be paramount. Protection and hygiene measures, action protocols, protective screens at work tables, reduced capacity, use of masks and hydroalcoholic gels… All this to guarantee the safety distance and the health of the coworkers.

6. Virtual office service on the rise

It will allow a company to be domiciled in a strategic and prestigious location while a company’s workers work comfortably from their own homes. Another booming service will be coworking boutiques, with personalized attention and smaller spaces that guarantee the safety of all users, personalized attention, exclusivity and their own design and personality.

7. Cutting-edge technology

Next-generation hardware and software tools will continue to be important and even essential for the proper functioning of hybrid offices.

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