Teambuilding in Majorca: What it is and How to Implement It

¿Quieres desarrollar el Teambuilding en Mallorca? En este artículo te contamos todo lo que has de saber para llevarlo a cabo exitosamente.

Do you want to develop Teambuilding in Majorca? In this article we tell you everything you need to know to carry it out successfully.

Here’s a new term to add to your business vocabulary. Teambuilding is the process by which individual employees become an organized team to work together.

How? Through the creation of links between these employees.

This bonding and teambuilding is done through a set of activities, exercises or even games that help individual members of a group become a team usually outside of working hours to convey the feeling that it is about of leisure days, not work.

Because let’s remember that group and team are not the same.

What can you achieve with teambuilding?

The main purpose of teambuilding is teamwork, yet the benefits of this methodology go much further:

1. Increases motivation.

Thanks to the dynamics of team building, motivation flourishes, which is the easiest way to have happy and productive workers in their workplace.

2. Promotes the feeling of belonging to a group.

Carrying out group activities fosters a feeling of identity and belonging to a group.

3. Helps create bonds between colleagues.

Thanks to these activities, workers develop interpersonal ties among themselves, improving and creating relationships between colleagues.

4. It allows you to improve team communication.

Communication is an essential pillar in any company. Thanks to team building, interaction between employees is enhanced.

5. Boosts creativity.

Carrying out activities in a relaxed and calm environment speeds up ingenuity and encourages the creation of new ideas.

6. Increases productivity.

Thanks to the group cohesion that is obtained and the motivation, productivity at work and the environment improves significantly.

7. Helps reduce stress.

It’s a way to break the routine. Sharing moments of leisure and fun with colleagues helps to disconnect from the workload.

8. Helps define roles and responsibilities.

When competing for a common objective, it is common for a figure to lead and organize the work. And even if this were not the case, it allows us to observe the internal organization of the company.

9. Improves the ability to react to conflicts.

By establishing specific roles and improving relationships between colleagues, it facilitates the resolution of possible conflicts that may arise.

Team building activities for companies

Before you start it, we are going to give you a couple of ideas of activities that you can do to create those bonds between colleagues and start working on your team building. Here we go!

  • Escape Room. It is a very popular and fun activity in which you will need to join everyone’s forces to escape.
  • Trust games. You can organize different games to build trust, one could be blindfolding a partner and guiding them along a path until they reach a goal.
  • Gastronomic activities. Organized tastings, blind dinners, cooking classes, nowadays there is a wide variety of activities, which one do you choose?
  • Sport activities. A gymkhana would be a good option to create bonds and enhance teamwork.
  • Change of scenery for a day. A good way to escape the daily monotony is to work from a fresh and new coworking space in Mallorca.

Can you think of any more?

Are you looking for a place to Develop Teambuilding in Mallorca?

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