Work, Relationships and Synergies in a Coworking

¿Has oído hablar de lo que es un Coworking? ¿Sí? No te pierdas el trabajo, las relaciones y sinergias en un coworking que puedes conseguir.

If you are not a person who has highly developed social skills, in a coworking you are going to have to force yourself to do so. In this new working method, it is inevitable to meet new people. The professionals who share the workspace with you may be dedicated to the same sector as you, or they may have nothing to do with it. Although you never know, we have seen mergers of very different fields that have ultimately resulted in total success in terms of business, hence the importance of synergies in a coworking.

Our leitmotiv is interpersonal relationships. We believe that networking is the perfect formula to achieve success in your professional career.

The advantages of coworking are many, one of them is that it allows entrepreneurs from different companies to get to know each other, since, by working in a shared space, it is easier to expand contact networks and that is where synergies come into play. Unity is strength, does that sound familiar to you?

What do synergies consist of?

When two or more people collaborate with each other in the business field. These can be businessmen or entrepreneurs exchanging ideas, opinions, experiences or resources. We could say that it is like a symbiosis where both parties win. Bees are years ahead of us, what are you waiting for to get started?

What are the benefits of networking?

Through active communication and hard work, new business ideas can occur. What if, in addition to boosting your business, you manage to start another?

Create and share new goals. By having a partner, you will have to share your goals.

Share your resources. With networking you will get broader feedback that will boost and improve your knowledge.

Get a greater diffusion. As there are two or more professionals, the communication and promotion of the new project will reach more potential clients. The network of contacts is much bigger.

Maybe someone who shares the coworking space with you has what you need to complete your project. If you feel stuck, you are in the perfect place.

Moasis, your Coworking in Palma de Majorca

At Moasis Cowork, we believe that the best way to increase your turnover and visibility is by creating personal relationships with other professionals in your circle of contacts, whether or not they are from your sector. And we don’t say it ourselves, it is supported by our 30 years of business experience in different business sectors.

We understand the coworking space as a driver of innovation and flagship of workspaces for those business professionals who seek to be part of a united community, in which day by day and project by project, create a community of successful entrepreneurs.

Being part of Moasis, our coworking in Palma de Majorca, is being part of a business “club”; a way of doing, understanding and sharing.

As the famous African proverb says, “if you want to go fast, walk alone, if you want to go far, go accompanied.”

Write to us and find out without obligation. And if you feel like it, you can visit our Coworking in Palma.

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