What are the Benefits of Working in a Coworking?

¿Quieres conocer qué beneficios tiene el trabajar en un coworking? En este artículo te lo explicamos.

Working from home is a thing of the past. Currently, thousands of professionals and entrepreneurs work in shared spaces. In this type of spaces, users can carry out their work and expand relationships in different areas. But what is coworking and what benefits does it have?

This type of working office began in 2005 and has had a great popularity among people. For example, Spain has more than 500 shared work spaces and in Europe there are more than 1,600.

What is a coworking?

Coworking can be defined as collaborative or shared work, in which small and medium-sized companies, as well as entrepreneurs and independent professionals, share the same work space.

They are spaces specially adapted to carry out work activity. Now, what advantages does coworking have? Each person has their own workspace or independent desk, cafeteria service, internet access, among other basic features that are present in an old office job.

One of the main benefits of working in these spaces compared to everyday offices is that you can develop projects independently and at the same time create new ones together. This is achieved thanks to the environment of trust that is generated, expanding labor relations and providing new opportunities for help and work (networking).

Knowing what benefits coworking has is something that you will only be able to fully discover if you belong to one. Working in these collaborative spaces is similar to working in a company with the difference that you are surrounded by professionals from different areas, skills, knowledge and contacts. All of those people will be co-workers.

Although they are spaces that encourage shared work, you are not obliged to do so. Coworkings also work wonderfully for those professionals, businessmen or entrepreneurs who are looking for a quiet and private place with a work environment.

7 benefits of working in a coworking

If we wanted to detail what benefits coworking has, the list would be endless, but we can identify 7 of the main benefits that collaborative work spaces offer.

1. Flexibility

    Coworkings have a wide variety of plans, that is, they offer various rental or use options for their spaces. From a few hours to monthly plans, it is one of the great benefits that these spaces offer, since they do not tie you to a contract for a long time.

    2. Accessibility to own space

      By giving yourself your own space, you can stay focused and increase your productivity. They also provide access to rooms or spaces where you can hold private meetings, presentations or receive clients.This will help you have a more professional image and projection.

      3. Zero interruptions

        By being able to acquire your own space, you will be able to consider a work routine that you can carry out and be more effective in your work.

        4. Increase your professional contacts

          One of the approaches that coworking has is to discover and create new job opportunities for professionals, businessmen or entrepreneurs who make a life within the collaborative space. These ties are generated through the interaction between users of the space.

          5. Increase your relationships

            Although the objective of these spaces is to encourage collaborative work, it is also a pleasant environment to foster relationships or business ties.

            6. Savings on expenses

              Renting a space in a coworking will benefit your finances much more than renting an office or independent space. Coworking spaces offer you varied services (internet, own space, meeting rooms, cafeteria, among others) for less than the price of renting an office without extra services.

              7. Learning Environment

                Enhance your knowledge with the training, mentoring and/or courses offered by these work spaces. Learn about new topics and acquire new knowledge in areas that will help you improve as a businessman, professional or entrepreneur.

                Now comes the big question…

                How to correctly select a coworking?

                Being clear about the benefits of coworking, you should now look for a professional work environment with reasonable prices that gives you flexibility and comfort, which is why we recommend the article on what a coworking space should have.

                The majority of users of these spaces are autonomous people who just need to be with their computer and a mobile phone to carry out their work. But, these people in these environments are looking for more than a desk, chair and internet access.

                In coworking you can work with other professionals, be part of a productive environment, be in an environment of exchange and collaboration where you can resolve doubts or create alliances for new projects.

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